GANITA is also included in MathSciNet. The papers published (since 2017) in the journal are reviewed by Mathematical Reviews.

Objectives of the conference

  • The main objective of this conference is to provide forum for the researchers, eminent academicians, research scholar and students to exchange ideas, to communicate and discuss research findings and new advances in mathematical sciences.

  • The conference would also enable participants to explore possible avenues to foster academic and student exchange, as well as scientific activities within India.

  • The conference will give opportunity to both academicians as well as research scientists to communicate and discuss mathematical problems and their applications for industry sector.

Topics to be covered

The following topics are expected to be covered:

  • Topology
  • Approximation Theory
  • Wavelet Analysis
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Differential Geometry
  • Dynamical Systems including Fluid Dynamics
  • Global Analysis including Index Theory
  • Computational mathematical analysis.

Targeted audience

The audience targeted are the researchers, eminent academicians, research scholar and students working in field of approximation theory, wavelets, topology, functional analysis, operator theory, Banach Algebras, Lie Algebras, rings and Modules, Dynamical systems, Differential Geometry, Astronomy and Computer science.