GANITA is also included in MathSciNet. The papers published (since 2017) in the journal are reviewed by Mathematical Reviews.

Executive Committee


Office bearers for the year 2018

President Prof. Manjul Gupta Kanpur
Vice-Presidents Prof. M. Sitarammaiya Hyderabad
Prof. Ram Nivas Lucknow
Prof. B. S. Bhadauria Lucknow
General Secretary Prof. Pankaj Mathur Lucknow
Joint Secretary Dr. Shyam Kishor Lucknow
Treasurer Dr. Nidhi Pandya Lucknow
Editor Prof. Poonam Sharma Lucknow
Editorial Secretary Dr. V.K. Verma Lucknow
Librarian Prof. R. Prasad Lucknow
Joint Librarian Mr. Sushil Kumar Lucknow
Members of the Council Prof. Kamla D. Singh Lucknow
Prof. R.K. Singh Lucknow
Prof. Naveen Kumar Varanasi
Prof. Praveen Nagar Lucknow
Prof. Raja Ram Yadav Lucknow
Dr .D K Srivastava Lucknow