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Ganita – Volume – 73(1)

Volume 73(1)

Table of Content
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1. icon_download_pdfTilak Raj Sharma and Anuj Sharma Prime k−Ideals and Weakly Noetherian Γ−Semirings

2. icon_download_pdfV. V. Kharat, M. A. Gandhi, V. G. Markad, M. T. Gophan On generalised Hilfer-Type fractional integrodifferential equations with two point and integral boundary conditions

3. icon_download_pdfS. Sundriyal and J. Upreti Solitons on Para-Sasakian manifold with respect to the Schouten-van Kampen connection

4. icon_download_pdfS. Bahadur and Sameera Iqram A new kind of Hermite interpolation using non-uniform nodes on the unit circle

5. icon_download_pdfKishan Singh Shekhawat Effect of porous medium bed on viscous fluid flow down rectangular inclined channel with varying permeability

6. icon_download_pdfD. Kumar and S. Kumar A note on Schwarzian derivatives and normal families

7. icon_download_pdfSayali S. Joshi and Santosh B. Joshi On a subclass of meromorphic starlike functions with positive coefficients

8. icon_download_pdfVaishali Sah and Jaya Upreti Study of τ curvature tensor on Para-Sasakian manifold

9. icon_download_pdfB. S. Choudhary, Varun, N. Mathur and P. Mathur Non-interpolatory complex trigonometric spline on the unit circle

10. icon_download_pdfH. L. Rathore Approximation of a function f ∈ W(Lp, ξ(t)) Class by (C, 2)[F, dn] Means of its Fourier Series

11. icon_download_pdfK. B. Yadav and Anikat Effects of Urbanization and Industrialization on Human Population: A Modeling Study

12. icon_download_pdfUday H. Naik and Raisa M. Shaikh Subclasses of bi-univalent functions associated with fractional integral operator

You can download publication. Click on topic to download.

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