GANITA is also included in MathSciNet. The papers published (since 2017) in the journal are reviewed by Mathematical Reviews.

Constitution of BGP

  1. The name of the Society shall be the BHARATA GANITA PARISAD. “The Society”  of the Parisad’ shall mean “the Bharata Ganita Parisad”.
  2. The objects of the Society shall be to
    1. Advance original research in all branches of Mathematics including Astronomy and Statistics.
    2. Provide a common meeting ground for research workers and
    3. Generally create conditions favorable to  original research and improve facilities thereof.
  3. Membership of the Society shall be open to all persons interested in any branch of Mathematics who fulfill the conditions mentioned here-in-after.
  4. There shall be three categories of members.
    1. Founder members : All members of the Banaras Mathematical Society.
    2. Honorary members : Distinguished mathematicians of  Foreign countries who have been elected as such unanimously by the  General Body of the Society. Their number shall not exceed 20.
    3. Ordinary members. The founder members shall be ordinary members. Every candidate for membership shall be ordinary members. Every candidate for membership shall be proposed by a member of the Society at an ordinary meeting of the Society and shall be elected by at least two thirds majority of the members presents present and voting
  5. The Society shall elect at its annual meeting to be  held ordinarily  in the month of January, an Executives Committee of the following office bearers who shall manage the affairs of the Society.
    1. The President
    2. 3 Vice Presidents
    3.        (a)  General Secretary        (b)  Joint Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5.        (a)  Librarian             (b) Joint Librarian
    6.        (a) Editor
      (b) Editorial Secretary
    7. other members to be elected by the general body.
  6. Election of the office-bearers: The Executive Committee shall at their ordinary meeting in November/December take into consideration the subject of the election of the nest Executive committee and shall decide upon a list of names to be recommended to the Society at the ensuing annual general meeting and this together with all such lists as may have been proposed by any other member shall be circulated amongst members.
  7. All the names proposed by the Executive Committee as well as proposed by other members shall be printed in one ballot list and the names of the nominators or the words “The  Executive Committee” as the case may be shall be attached to each name thus proposed. Members shall vote by putting a cross against names for which they want to vote. The scrutiny of the ballot shall be done in the office of the Society by the Secretary and two other persons appointed by the Executive Committee for the purpose.
  8. Should the Executive committee deem it desirable that any member should be expelled on any ground other than the nonpayment of subscription the shall call a special meeting of the General Body of the Society to consider the question, and after such member has had an opportunity at meeting of explaining his position, and provided that 15 members shall be present at such meeting and that of these who vote at least two thirds agree by ballot to his _________ of the Society
  9. The Executive Committee shall from time to time frame rules to procedure for the management of affairs of the Society which shall be submitted to the nest general meeting for conformation. The quorum for the Executive committee shall be 4 of which at least one shall be a non office bearer.
  10. The Executive Committee shall have the power of appointing and remunerating subject to the approval of the General Body such assistants as may be necessary for conducting business of the Society, and may discharge them when they think proper.
  11. An ordinary general meeting of the Society shall be held ordinarily twice in a year. The quorum at such a meeting shall be 8. A special general meeting of the Society shall be convened at the signed request of at least 10 members for the consideration of matters specified in such a requisition.
  12. The quorum of the Annual General meeting of the Society shall be 10.
  13. Duties of Office –bearers

The President :  The duty of the President shall be to take the chair at all meetings of the Society and the Executive Committee and to regulate and maintain order in all the proceedings. In the absence of the President, the members present shall elect a Chairman. In the case of a tie, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

The Treasurer :   The treasurer shall receive for the use of the Society all sums of money due to the Society and shall pay and disburse all sums due from or payable by the Society and shall keep regular accounts of all receipts and payments. The account of the Treasurer shall be audited annually by an auditor approved by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall submit a separate report on the finances of the Society after due audit to the Executive Committee, for presentation at the annual general meeting.

The Secretary and Joint Secretary :  The duty of the Secretary shall be to attend all meetings of the Society and of the Executive Committee and to take minutes of all such meetings. He shall conduct the correspondence of the Society and the Executive committee. The Joint Secretary shall assist the Secretary in the performance of his duties, and in the absence of the Secretary shall take his place at ordinary meetings of the Society. He shall be responsible of the distributing of the journal of  the Society to the members as well as for foreign exchange.

Editor and the Editorial Secretary :   The Editor shall edit the Journal of the Society, called the Ganita and for this purpose may appoint referees, enter into correspondence with authors of papers and other mathematicians and shall arrange for the publication of the Journal. The Editorial Secretary shall help the Editor in his work and shall act for him in his absence.

Librarian and Joint Librarian :  The Librarian shall be incharge of the Library of the Society, The Joint Librarian shall be incharges of the exchange journals and books received at the office.

Office :  The office of the Society shall be located in the Mathematics Department of the Lucknow University.

The Property of the Society : The whole of the funded property of the Society shall be placed in the name of Bharata Ganita Parisad.

Dissolution  :  The power of dissolution of the Society shall vest with the General Body which will also decide on whom the assets after paying up the liabilities will devolve, provided the for such purposed. The assent of the least three fourths of the members of the Society is obtained.