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Volume 73(2)

Table of Content
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1. icon_download_pdfMahima Thakur Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set P-Connected Mappings

2. icon_download_pdfH. P. Waghamore and M. M. Manakame Results on uniqueness of meromorphic functions regarding their shift and differential polynomial

3. icon_download_pdfS. S. Rao and R. B. Sharma Hankel determinants for Starlike functions with respect to symmetrical points related to Nephroid and Cardioid domains

4. icon_download_pdfMenaka Murugesu A common best proximity point theorem for special generalized proximal weak β-quasi contractive mappings

5. icon_download_pdfV. Rajarajeswari and K. Annadurai Integrated vendor-buyer supply chain model with deteriorated items by reducing carbon emission.

6. icon_download_pdfA. Singh, Pankaj, R. Prasad and S. Patel Ricci soliton on Sasakian manifold with quarter-symmetric non-metric connection

7. icon_download_pdfJ. Das, K. Halder and A. Bhattacharyya Conformal Yamabe solitons and conformal quasi-Yamabe solitons on hyperbolic Sasakian manifolds

8. icon_download_pdfR. Prasad, A. Verma and V. S. Yadav Characterization of the perfect fluid Lorentzian α-para Kenmotsu spacetimes

9. icon_download_pdfD. K. Jaiswal, P. Kumari, P. Das and P. Singh Comparative Study of analytical and numerical solutions for solute transport in two-dimensional homogeneous and anisotropic porous media with time-dependent velocity field

10. icon_download_pdfS. Gupta, R. Narang and M. Harish>/b> On Construction of Involutory Maximum Distance Separable Rhotrices using Self Dual Bases over Galois Field

11. icon_download_pdfP. L. Sharma, Shalini Gupta and Sushil Kumar Some New Classes of Permutation Trinomials over F22m

12. icon_download_pdfA. Singh, S. Kishor, Pankaj and L. Kumar Characterization of the LP-Sasakian manifolds admitting a new type of semi-symmetric non-metric connection

13. icon_download_pdfDevilal Kumawat, Vijay Mehta and Vikas Tailor Effect of the Couple-Stress on Micro Polar Fluid Flow Saturating a Porous Medium

14. icon_download_pdfS. K. Yadav, S. S. Shukla and Shivam Omar Radical transversal screen semi-slant Lightlike submersions

15. icon_download_pdfPritam Rooj Characterization of F-pseudocompactness of a topological space X
via u-topology, m-topology and r-topology on C(X, F)

16. icon_download_pdfVivek Joseph and Manju Agarwal A study on variation in the concentration of carbon monoxide in an urban city due to the seasonal variation with temperature dependent meteorological parameters

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