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Volume 70(1)

Table of Content
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1. icon_download_pdfSaniya Batra and Prakriti Rai
A Further Extension of Generalized Hurwitz – Lerch
Zeta Function of Two Variables-II

2. icon_download_pdfRina Tiwari
Stability of Cubic Mappings in Fuzzy Normed
Spaces: A Fixed Point Approach

3. icon_download_pdfGurmeet Singh and Gaganpreet Kaur
Coefficient inequality for a subclass of Starlike
function generated by symmetric points

4. icon_download_pdfDeepak Rout and T Som
Coupled Fixed Point On Modular Space

5. icon_download_pdfSamser Alam and Arindam Bhattacharyya
Some Weakly Symmetric Kahler Manifolds

6. icon_download_pdfSayantan Sil, Mantu Prajapati and Manoj Kumar
A Class Of Exact Solution Of Equations Governing Aligned Plane
Rotating Magnetohydrodynamic Flows by Martin’s Method

7. icon_download_pdfGurwinder Kaur, S. S. Billing and S. S. Dhaliwal
Applications of Differential Subordination to a Class of Analytic Functions

8. icon_download_pdfGyan Prakash Tripathi
Maximal Numerical Range of Composition Operators on

9. icon_download_pdfBharti Joshi
Orbital Continuity and Common Fixed Point Theorems

10. icon_download_pdfDibyendu Banerjee and Mithun Adhikary
Further Results On Growth Of Composite Entire and Meromorphic Functions

11. icon_download_pdfPayel Karmakar and Arindam Bhattacharyya
Ricci Solitons on Submanifolds of Some Indefinite Almost Contact Manifolds

12. icon_download_pdfS. M. Popade, R. N. Ingle, P. T. Reddy and B. Venkateswarlu
Integral Operator Defined by Polylogarithm Function for
Ceratin Subclass Of Analytic Functions

13. icon_download_pdfJitendra Singh
Irrationality of Bilateral Mock Theta Functions of Order
Five at Infinite number of Points

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