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Ganita – Volume – 72(2)

Volume 72(2)

Table of Content
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1. icon_download_pdfJitendra Kumar Kushwaha, Laxmi Rathour, Lakshmi Narayan Mishra, Vishnu Narayan Mishra and Radha Vishwakarma
On the degree of approximation of conjugate functions using generalized Nörlund-Euler summability method

2. icon_download_pdfK. K. Dixit and A. L. Pathak
Coefficient estimates for a certain subclass of bi-univalent functions

3. icon_download_pdfH. L. Rathore, U. K. Shrivastava and L. N. Mishra
Degree of Approximation of Continuous Function in the Hölder metric by (C; 1)F(a; q) Means of its Fourier Series

4. icon_download_pdfDeepak Gupta, Gaurav Gupta and Akansha Gupta
Advance Method to solve Fuzzy Linear Programming Problems with Symmetric Triangular Fuzzy Numbers

5. icon_download_pdfVidya N. Bhadgaonkar and Bhausaheb R. Sontakke
Analytical Solution of Space-Time Fractional Physical Models by Improved Adomian Decomposition Method

6. icon_download_pdfU. P. Singh, J. P. Tripathi and S. G. Rao
Approximation of linear initial value problems using Bernoulli polynomial and Operational matrix

7. icon_download_pdfMadhwesha Moudgalya R., Kavita Permi and Indrani YRL
Zagreb Indices and molecular stability for chemical graphs using Adjacency and Laplacian Matrix

8. icon_download_pdfDr. Mohammad Miyan
Load Capacity for the System of Rotating Discs with MR-Fluid

9. icon_download_pdfJayarama H. R., Naveenkumar S. H. and Chaithra C. N.
Uniqueness of L- functions relating to possible di erential polynomial share with some finite weight

10. icon_download_pdfManish Kumar, Gaurav Kumar and AbdulWadood Khan
Unsteady MHD flow through porous medium past an exponentially accelerated inclined cylinder with variable oscillating wall temperature in the presence of chemical reaction

11. icon_download_pdfG.P. Singh, A. K. Mishra, Rajan, P. Prajapati and A. P. Tiwari
A Study on W8 – Curvature Tensor in  – Kenmotsu Manifolds

12. icon_download_pdfR. Bali and B. Prasad
Study of e ect of various shapes of nanoparticles in catheterized arteryartery with elliptical stenosis: comparing analytical and numerical solution

13. icon_download_pdfS. D. Bhourgunde, S. D. Thikane, M. G. Shrigan and M. T. Gophane
On certain classes of starlike and convex functions involving Poisson distribution series

14. icon_download_pdfPragya Mishra and Vimlesh Singh
Growth of Solutions of Second Order Linear Di erential Equations

15. icon_download_pdfP. Ghosh and T. K. Samanta
Generalized p-fusion frame in separable Banach space

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