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Ganita – Volume 68(1)

Volume 68(1)

Table of Content
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1. icon_download_pdfSahadat Ali, Mobin Ahamad & Bhupendra Nath Pathak CR-Submanifolds of A Nearly Trans-Hyperbolic Sasakian Manifold With
Semi-Symmetric Semi-Metric Connection./a>

2. icon_download_pdfAparna Chaturvedi & Prakriti Rai
Some Applications of Generalized Extended Fractional Derivative Operator.

3. icon_download_pdfChanchal Kumar Steck Determinants and Parking Functions

4. icon_download_pdfShelly Gandhi A Note on Frames in Fr ́echet Spaces.

5. icon_download_pdfSwarnima Bahadur & Ravindra Kumar Katheriya Hermite Trigonometric Interpolation.

6. icon_download_pdfShyamal Kumar Hui, Rajendra Prasad & Tanmoy Pal Ricci Solitons on submanifolds of (LCS) n -Manifolds.

7. icon_download_pdfUma Shankar Verma & S. S. Shukla Bi-Slant pseudo-Riemannian submersions from indefinite almost Hermitian manifolds onto pseudo-Riemannian manifolds

8. icon_download_pdfV.B. Girgaonkar & S.B. Joshi Coefficient Estimates For Certain Subclass of Bi-Univalent Functions Associated With Chebyshev Polynomial.

9. icon_download_pdfVineet Kumar Verma & Rajeev Kumar Verma Hydrodynamic Permeability of a Membrane of Porous Cylindrical Particle with Varying Permeability

10. icon_download_pdfAnand Ballabh Joshi and Abdul Gaffar Digital Image Encryption based on Chaotic Map and Circulant Matrix

11. icon_download_pdfHari Shankar & Neha Mathur (0; 0, 2) – Interpolation on Laguerre Abscissas

12. icon_download_pdfRajendra Prasad, Sushil Kumar & Umesh Kumar Gautam On nearly Kenmotsu manifolds with semi-symmetric metric connection

13. icon_download_pdfMohammad Miyan & M.K.Shukla Pressure Distribution in Porous Journal Bearing with Nanolubricant for Second Order Lubrication Theory

14. icon_download_pdfN.K.JOSHI and Mayank Mittal CR-Submanifolds of HGF- Structure Metric Manifolds

15. icon_download_pdfManoj Singh & Arvind Patel Travelling wave solution of shock structure in an unsteady flow of a viscous non-ideal gas