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Volume 74(1)

Volume 74(1)

Table of Content
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1. icon_download_pdfP. Sumalatha, R. Bharavi Sharma, K. Saroja and N. B. Gatti Zalcman conjecture and second order Hankel determinant for α-spirallike starlike functions and α-spirallike bounded turning functions connected with k-Fibonacci sequence

2. icon_download_pdfBhabesh Das and Helen K. Saikia On Quasi Hyperperfect and Almost Hyperperfect Numbers

3. icon_download_pdfBhausaheb S. Desale and Ganesh S. Kadu A general class of generating function for modified Laguerre polynomial

4. icon_download_pdfS. Bhattacharyya, T. Biswas and C. Biswas Some remarks on the central index based various generalized growth analysis of composite entire functions

5. icon_download_pdfJ. P. Maurya and S. K. Tiwari A generalized analytical model of unsteady chlorine transport in drinking water supply pipes

6. icon_download_pdfN. B. Manjare and S. D. Jadhav Approximate Solution of Fractional Pantograph Differential Equations using Sumudu Decomposition Method

7. icon_download_pdfDeepa Karwa and Seema Kabra Some Coefficient Inequalities for q-Starlike and q-Convex Functions associated with Normalized Bessel-Struve Kernel Function

8. icon_download_pdfB. Satyanarayana, S. Baji and D. Devanandam Fuzzy Neutrosophic H-Ideals(closed) in BCK/BCI-Algebras

9. icon_download_pdfM. Alam, M. Ahmad and O. Bahadir Lightlike hypersurfaces of an indefinite quasi-Sasakian statistical manifold

10. icon_download_pdfD. Singh, P. Bhogta, A. Chawla and A. Paul Some Properties of Cryptographic Functions from Zn2 to Zq

11. icon_download_pdfDinesh Kumar Madan and Naveen Kumar SH-wave Propagation in Bounded Irregular Sandy Inhomogeneous Media

12. icon_download_pdfPriyanka Almia and Jaya Upreti η-Ricci solitons on Para-Kenmotsu Manifolds

13. icon_download_pdfG. D. Shelake and S. K. Nilapgol Initial Coefficient Estimates for Subclasses of Bi-Univalent Functions
Involving q-Derivative Operator

14. icon_download_pdfR. B. Tiwari and S. K. Srivastava Matter Creation Field Model of Universe with Variable Cosmological Constant

15. icon_download_pdfS. Kishor, A. K. Bhardwaj and P. K. Singh A class of horizontal submersion from Kenmotsu manifolds to Riemannian manifolds

16. icon_download_pdfJ. Das and K. Halder A study of η-Ricci solitons on 3-dimensional hyperbolic Kenmotsu manifolds

17. icon_download_pdfNidhi Pandya and Priyanka Kannoujia MHD fluid flow under the influence of chemical reaction and thermal stratification through inclined porous plate

18. icon_download_pdfP. Priyanka, Sabu Sebastian, C. Haseena and S. J. Sangeethl A Fuzzy Matrix Approach to Extend Crisp Functions in Multi-fuzzy Environments

19. icon_download_pdfA. K. Prasad , J. P. Bajpai and S. S. Thakur Topological structure on Fermatean fuzzy soft sets and its applications in MADM

20. icon_download_pdfN. H. Shah and N. B. Vyas Strong Domination Integrity of Shadow Graphs of some graphs

21. icon_download_pdfManju Somanath, Bindu V A and Radhika Das Solutions in Integers for the Quadratic Diophantine Equation

22. icon_download_pdfRenukadevi S. Dyavanal and Jyoti B. Muttagi Uniqueness of a meromorphic function and its linear q-difference polynomial sharing values partially

23. icon_download_pdfS. B. Joshi, S. S. Nalavade and S. S. Joshi On Certain Subclasses of Analytic Functions Associated with Salagean Derivative Operator

24. icon_download_pdfL. Rama Mohan Reddy, P. Veera Sanjeeva Kumar, K. Mohna Babu and B.Nagaraja Naik MHD connective flow of chemically reacting viscoelastic fluid through an infinite inclined plate

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