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Ganita – Volume – 70(2)

Volume 70(2)

Table of Content
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1. icon_download_pdfAhmad Y. A. Salamooni and D. D. Pawar
Existence and Uniqueness Of Boundary Value Problems
For Hilfer-Hadamard-Type Fractional Dierential Equations

2. icon_download_pdfShyam Kishor and Pushpendra Verma
Notes On Conformal Ricci Soliton in Lorentzian Para Sasakian Manifolds

3. icon_download_pdfJenifer Arulmani
Coefficient Bounds For New Subclasses Defined
Using Frasin Dierential Operator

4. icon_download_pdfShivangi Asthana and Madan Mohan Singh
On the Diophantine Equation 3x + 117y = z2

5. icon_download_pdfD Dhiman, A Kumar, A Kumar & L N Mishra
Existence and controllability of Hilfer fractional dierential inclusions

6. icon_download_pdfY. J. Bagul, S. B. Thool & R. M. Dhaigude
On new inequalities involving circular, inverse circular,
inverse hyperbolic and exponential functions

7. icon_download_pdfVivek Joseph and Manju Agarwal
Mathematical Modelling on the Effect of Chemical Reaction
on the Air Pollutant under Mesoscale Wind

8. icon_download_pdfP K Shukla, Geeta Verma and V N Pathak
Semi Symmetric non-metric connection on a Hsu
r-contact metric structure manifold

9. icon_download_pdfVineet K Verma and Sanjeeva K Singh
Analytical Solution of Flow in a Composite Cylindrical
Channel using Brinkman model

10. icon_download_pdfU S Rajput and Naval Kishore Gupta
Hall Current And Radiation Effects on a Natural
Convection MHD Flow Through Porous Media In A Rotating
System With Inclined Magnetic Field

11. icon_download_pdfSafiqul Islam
A Study on Ideal of Classical Linear Algebra

12. icon_download_pdfDhanesh Kumar, Anand B. Joshi and Abdul Gaffar
Double color-image encryption based on 2D fractional
discrete Fourier transform and Arnold cat map

13. icon_download_pdfM. Murugan, P. Sriraman and M. Suriya
One Point Union of Paths of Cycles and their k-Numbers

14. icon_download_pdfArun Kumar and Ashish Verma
Examples of Simple Wavelet Sets for Matrix Dilation in R2

15. icon_download_pdfRoshan Lal
Generalisation of a Theorem of Ankeny and Rivlin

16. icon_download_pdfS K Datta, C Ghosh and J Saha
On The Ring Of Hyperbolic Valued Functions

17. icon_download_pdfS K Datta, T Molla, Mukul Sk & J Saha
On the location of zeros of transcendental entire functions

18. icon_download_pdfK K Dixit, A L Pathak, S N Mishra and A Singh
On a new class of fractional operator associated with k-uniformly convex functions with negative coefficients

19. icon_download_pdfDipen Ganguly and Arindam Bhattacharyya
A study on conformal Ricci solitons in the framework
of (LCS)n-manifolds

20. icon_download_pdfP L Powar, Rishabh Tiwari & L N Mishra
Wedge Functions for Degree-n Approximation over
Pentagonal Discretization

21. icon_download_pdfRajeev Kumar Singh & B.Prasad
On an extended recurrent Riemannian manifold

22. icon_download_pdfTanmay Biswas & Chinmay Biswas
Some results on generalized relative order (Alpha, Beta ) and generalized relative type (Alpha, Beta) of meromorphic function with respect to an entire function

23. icon_download_pdfK G Mirajkar, A Morajkar & B Doddamani
Correlation of Some Molecular Descriptors with Polycyclic
Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Topological Indices of Fullerenes

24. icon_download_pdfA S Shinde, Rajkumar N Ingle & P T Reddy
Subclass of Meromorphic Univalent Functions with
Positive Coefficients Defined by Linear Operator

25. icon_download_pdfB Joshi, M C Singh, A Kumari & N K Pandey
Fixed Point Results and Weak Orbital Continuity

26. icon_download_pdfN Shaikh, V K Gupta & V H Badshah
Combinatorial Problem in North Indian Music System
with 16- Musical Tone

27. icon_download_pdfG K Singh & A K Thakur
Matrix Summability of the Conjugate Series of Derived Fourier Series

28. icon_download_pdfI B Bapna & R S Prajapat
Properties of k-Riemann-Liouville Fractional Integral Operator
with Mittag-Leffler functions

29. icon_download_pdfGarima Saxena, R. K. Sharma and Ankit AgrawalGlobal Dynamics of an SIQR Epidemic Model With Specific Non-Linear Incidence Rate